The Plen Today

Our Vision

Children in the Plen


The new facility will reinvigorate the Plen, making it much easier to hold events and activities in this outdoor space, creating a regular and diverse summer season programme.

The Plen is used every day for sitting, reflecting, playing and eating and there really is no place better to eat a pasty!

Cornish Heritage

With the resurgence of Cornish cultural identity (including the Cornish language) and greater appreciation among locals and visitors of ancient Cornish heritage sites, this is the ideal time to reinstate the use of the space as a working theatre including putting on a regular cycle of Miracle plays and informing people as to their origins. 

Building the Plen Set

It is also timely to generate increased awareness, and knowledge, regarding the history of the plen and its importance both as a heritage site, and a well-used and much loved community space. The provision of an archive facility, manned by volunteers, alongside educational workshops delivered to schools, colleges and community groups will add value.

As the far west of Cornwall has become more accessible and attractive due to its unspoilt nature, cultural tourism is on the rise and so is the demand for high quality, unique and interesting events. The nearby Minack theatre is flourishing and the Plen-an-Gwary could provide another very different but potentially equally popular experience.

The Plen Hut resource is essential to support this growth and realise the full potential of the Plen.