Patchwork of Paintings

Our next  big fundraiser is the Patchwork of Paintings 100 artists, children and young people are busy painting and creating on our 10” x 10” canvases. We will collect these in at the end of October and several of them will be displayed around St Just in local shops, galleries and businesses. We will also have images of them on the website. Below are the names of many of the contributing artists: 

Tom Henderson-Smith; Gabrielle Hawkes; Neil Pinkett; Daisy Gibbs; Matt Ward; Alex Smirnoff; Alan Rowell; Paul Lewin; Oscar Bloomfield-Crowe; Claudia Woolston; Frances Walsh; Christine Spencer-Green; Angela Stead; Lucy Birbeck; Linda Scott; Nick Smith; Rosie T’Tigo; Kate Cocksedge; Bruce Davies; Hilary Anderson; Cath Jobbins; Jeremy Rice; Eric Pentacost; Stephanie Haxton; Caroline Binch; Jenny Bealing; Maggie O’Brien; David Ledden; Michele Brown; Malcolm Olva; Frankie Webb; Trevor Ricketts; Paul Whittaker; Jo Jewers; Jeremy Tyrrell; Sandie Wills; David Cohen; Paul Fry; Graham Jobbins; Bec Applebee; Patrick Haughton; Howard Asher; Caroline Lay; Mary Penfold; Tom Rickman; Daisy+Sally Crabtree; Chris Eves; Jane M Ansell; John Brenton; Lucy Povey; John Voogd; Edward Slight; Chrissy Hughes; Sarah Turner; Caroline Sheofield; Naomi Frears; Spike; Carrie Taylor; Bridget Gibbs; Tor Hilliard + 16 – 20 children from St Just + Pendeen Primary School and 10 – 12 young people from Cape Cornwall secondary School. 

If you would like to win one of the paintings you can purchase a voucher from The Plen Project (either pay on line and send us an email or contact Mary Ann 07582650516) for only £30.  N.B. Vouchers are already selling fast ! 

The Patchwork of Paintings Draw is on Sunday 18th November at 6pm (with the draw itself at 6.45pm) – at St Just Town Hall. Admission is free. We will have live entertainment and refreshments.  All The paintings will be displayed in the Town Hall during the daytime on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th November (please check website for times).