Re-build Schedule - there is plenty to do!

We did it! As a community, we have raised enough to mean that the re-build will happen - this is great news, but what will happen next? Well, there is an awful lot we need to so to make this happen!!

Because of everybodys hard work, the rebuild WILL take place! To give you an idea of the timescale we will need to meet:



  • January 2013 - HUGE sale in the Plen hut - Everything really must go!

  • February - Get your hammers out! We will be demolishing the present hut

  • March - April - Groundworks will be completed on site

  • May - September - Our glorious Knut will take shape

  • October - I imagine Mary Ann may stop (just for a second) to celebrate the creation of a truly magnificent archive, facility and community space!